Connections, events, business support, a national network of experienced professionals. SACC-DC can provide the services critical to your success in the Washington, D.C. area. We are uniquely positioned to give key insights into the regulatory structures of the United States and advise your business on how to navigate the political landscape of the most powerful country in the world. As a member, our services are at your disposal, as are an extensive network of experienced professionals spanning a large number of industries.


Whether you are an Individual, Business or Corporate member, as a part of SACC DC you get access to our regional, national and international business network. Being the regional chamber of the Greater Washington, D.C. area gives our network a unique edge. We are situated close to the federal government, the Embassy of Sweden and we neighbor the SACC USA headquarters. Our member base reflects the powerful dynamics of the city and includes Sweden’s largest corporations, the United States’ top law firms, influential lobbyists, some of the country’s biggest military contractors and tech firms that are at the forefront of telecommunications, space, and aerospace.


SACC DC organizes many events throughout the year to give our members access to professional networking. Our annual flagship business events includes the SACC Summit, the Women’s Leadership Forum, the Young Professionals Program and other corporate events, seminars and webinars.


SACC-DC holds a unique position in recognizing beneficial connections through the close relationship between the chamber and its members as well as having a wide-ranging network around the Washington DC area. 

The newly launched B2B Matchmaking Service applies this to provide members with valuable connections with other member companies or small business, potentially resulting in new collaborations, clients, and partnerships. 


Through the newly launched Business Service, SACC DC aims to increase members’ knowledge about specific markets. This could be through collecting market statistics and researching consumer trends and demands and then further providing a report to the client with information gathered about the market. 


We tailor trade missions for Swedish companies interested in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Together with our 19 regional sister chapters, we also organize trade missions to other parts of the country. Going on a trade mission is the first step companies should take to evaluate their potential to expand their operations abroad.

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SACC Trainee Program & J-1 Visa Service to companies located in the U.S. the opportunity to host a trainee from Sweden,  on a J-1 Visa. As a company or organization, you will be connected to highly qualified trainees from Sweden, eager to impart the latest in academia on business and industrial engineering, among other disciplines, and take part in accelerating your business.


SACC-DC is excited to offer a number of webinar sponsorship and hosting opportunities for its members. The webinars are marketed throughout our distribution channels (see Table 1 for details). SACC-DC has experience hosting webinars with up to 250 attendees as well as smaller, more intimate and interactive seminars.
Sponsoring a webinar gives your company or organization visibility to the SACC-DC membership and distribution channels. Sponsorship is a great opportunity to support a topic or cause while also contributing to the Chamber’s continued financial stability. Please view Table 2 for sponsorship options.
Hosting a webinar gives your company or organization the opportunity to shape and create a webinar in partnership with SACC-DC. The SACC-DC team will work with you to ensure that logistics and marketing are successful. Hosting gives you exclusive rights to market the event. Please view Table 2 for hosting options.
The SACC-DC team is looking forward to hearing from you to discuss further!
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